«They were eating steak and laughing»: the prisoners had a magnificent dinner and their guards shutdown left without a paycheck

The partial government shutdown (the shutdown) has played a cruel joke with the Federal prisons. For Christmas and New year, the prisoners received a gorgeous table, while the prison staff had to work «on credit».

For example, in one Federal prison inmates Illinois January 1, got steak and shrimp. In Brooklyn — a chicken-Cornish, and several types of desserts. In Minnesota — a mountain of fried chicken wings. And so on,throughout the country.

«You make such a «gift» to the people who committed the crime, and not pay those who protect them? It’s crazy,» said sandy Parr in the supply of products to government agencies in Rochester (mn).

Except during shutdown, corrections officers are not paid, many significantly reduced the supply and increased the administrative penalties.

«Some prisoners, gobbling festive steak, mockingly laughed at us, says NBC’s Joe Rojas, an employee of the Federal correctional complex of Coleman (FL). They get luxury food, while we spend the holidays away from their families, wondering whether we would be able to pay for housing.»

Bureau of prisons noted that festive Lunches and dinners did not depend on the shutdown, as was «planned in a few weeks» before him.

«During the holidays, preparing special dinners to raise the prisoners’ morale, because they are separated from their families,» the statement said.

Some Federal prison workers ready to do without the next paycheck, got another job to make ends meet.

So, Aaron Mcglothin after a shift in a correctional facility in California cabbies at night on Uber. «I never wanted to be a driver of Uber, but don’t know I’ll get it next paycheck. Not everyone has large savings. Some people live from paycheck to paycheck. I’m one of them.»