ICE released the stewardess captured during the flight from Mexico 6 weeks ago

28-year-old Selena Saavedra novel, flight attendant regional U.S. airlines Mesa Airlines (base in Arizona), was arrested by ICE officers at the arrival of a flight from Mexico at the airport of Houston.

Texas flight attendant Selene Roman Saavedra told her bosses that she could not legally leave the country because she’s a Dreamer.

They insisted she would be safe.

When she got back from her Houston-Mexico flight, she was arrested by ICE.

— Sheena Goodyear (@SheenaGoodyear) March 22, 2019

Selena, a native of Peru, grew up in Dallas, she was trained in USA and having the status of the DACA (dreamer), married to a U.S. citizen, had worked for the airline. Counsel notes that the appointment of an international flight, a novel by e-mail consulted with the head, whether it is the law to fly , and received a written response that you can.

However, 6 weeks ago in the airport. George Bush Houston her arrival on a flight from Mexico was arrested and detained in a detention center for immigrants in Conroe, Texas. During these six weeks, the novel was in prison, she said, she was threatened, that would deprive of the status of DACA and deport.

Selena’s husband, David Watkins told the journalists that he was ready to leave with her in Peru. However, yesterday Selena Saavedra the novel was released and was home. Representatives from Mesa Airlines indicated that they did not expect how difficult it is to release the flight attendant: «We are very sorry that Selene and her husband had to endure this situation. It is extremely unfair that someone detained for six weeks for something that is nothing more than administrative error and misunderstanding.»

Sara Nelson, international President Association of flight attendants-CWA , said that flight attendants often ask to exclude them from certain flights. For example, some countries will not accept certain passports, and others will not accept someone because of a conviction for driving under the influence. Some airlines do not require a U.S. passport, because they only fly within the country. Nelson reported that the Association was connected to the case of legislators on Capitol hill and addressed to the committees that oversee immigration, the Spanish-speaking meetings of the Congress and to the local Congressman, bill Flores.

Wonderful news: Selene has been released from detention and is on her way home now. Thanks to everyone who spoke out.

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) March 22, 2019

Hillary Clinton, closely followed the situation, commented on Twitter: «Great news: Selena was released from custody and is on his way home. Thanks to everyone who spoke out.» However, according to immigration authorities, the Roman question is not yet resolved, and she still faces deportation, and the rights to operate international flights from their point of view, no, «she was «treated» as a crew member who does not have the proper documents for entry into the country when they arrive in airports.»