U.S. border patrol found in a cornfield crying baby with a phone number on the shoes

Agents of the frontier service found a crying 3-year-old boy in a cornfield near the border of Mexico and Texas.

According to representatives of customs and border protection (CBP), officers trying to find parents of the child the number on his shoes. Also there was written the name of the baby.

The Agency has published in Twitter pictures and the message that they are still trying to contact the family of the baby. At the moment the search was not successful.

«We believe that the boy was with a large group that escaped after stalknoveniya with agents,» — said in a tweet CBP.

The child was found in the valley of the Rio Grande near Brownsville (TX). He was scared and was crying. Boy I want to transfer to the care of the Ministry of health and social services.

Early this morning, #USBP Agents found a 3-year-old boy alone and crying in a corn field in TX. He had his name & phone numbers written on his shoes. #CBP is attempting to reach his family. We believe the boy was with a larger group that ran when they encountered Agents. pic.twitter.com/0s0zwmFxih

— CBP (@CBP) April 24, 2019

Rudy Caris, chief agent of the border patrol in the valley of the Rio Grande, said that now the baby’s all right: he watches movies and is in a good mood. Employee note that this is not the first time this has happened in South Texas, and «unfortunately, not the last.»

«This incident highlights the dangers faced by migrants due to the activities of smugglers, told Karis. Children, in particular, extremely vulnerable.»

In March South of the border was delayed a total of 8 975 children without parents. The number of families also increased: 53 077 adults and children crossed the border last month.