In California and Massachusetts are going to hold a «straight pride Parades» in response to LGBTIQ parades

In Modesto (California) local authorities are considering a bid to host at city Park the event called «Straight Pride» is a kind of parade of heterosexuals.

The organizers in the Facebook group «Straight Pride Coalition» said about the event can be held on 24 August, and called on others «to share information with family, friends and Church.»

«Join us to celebrate! Heterosexuality, masculinity and femininity, babies — born and unborn, Western civilization, our wonderful country and Christianity», — stated in the flyer dedicated to the event.

In the application for holding the event says that it will be approximately 500 people.

«As soon as this became known, we received emails and phone calls all day, told CBS Sacramento Kristi And Yu, a member of the city Council of Modesto. If it were me, I would not have given permission for this event. I don’t think it is reasonable to allow the event on the page which says about white supremacy and Western civilization. It doesn’t look peaceful message.»

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According to an employee of the city Department on public relations and media Thomas Reeves, if permission to hold the event is approved, it will not be «approval by city of any message, and the recognition of the First amendment.»

Earlier application to hold a similar parade and filed in Boston (Massachusetts). There original application was approved but the organizers still need to obtain necessary approvals from police Department and licensing Board. If that happens, the parade is scheduled for August 31.