In Ohio can pass a law that will allow to blame the murder of doctors who saved the baby during an abortion

The Republican Senator from Ohio has put forward a bill that requires doctors to provide assistance to babies born alive after failed abortion procedures. Otherwise, the doctor could be charged with manslaughter.

The bill Senator Terry Johnson is similar to the «Law on the protection of the survivors of the abortion», which was adopted in April in the U.S. Senate, but was several times blocked by the House of representatives.

The bill says that a doctor must «preserve the health or life of the child that was alive after removal from the uterus of a pregnant woman». Otherwise the doctor can be charged with manslaughtercommitted in Ohio.

The bill also gives the face, rodivshey in this case, the right to sue the doctor over the years.

«For many decades the abortion industry has tried to dehumanize the unborn child, Johnson said. – Very clear that a child born alive during an abortion, can not be called a «tissue mass» or even a fetus. It’s a baby».

Critics of the law say that such cases of live birth during abortion are extremely rare, and the bill is intended only to cause fear among doctors who do abortions.

Opponents of abortion, of course, approve of the law.

«We hope that we’ll get together and provide full protection of children born in Ohio, regardless of the circumstances of their birth,» said Stephanie KREIDER, Vice President of the organization «Ohio Right to Life».

According to the Senator, he does not know, have there been any similar cases in Ohio, but they are documented in Michigan and Florida.

According to the Department of health of Ohio, only 1% of abortions occur after the 21st week of pregnancy.