The house of representatives voted for a bill of $484 billion to support small businesses

The house of representatives overwhelmingly voted on Thursday for the completion of the program of crediting of small business, intended to stop layoffs during a pandemic coronavirus.

A bill to aid in the amount of $484 billion is the fourth major transaction for the coronavirus and revives program Small Business Administration»s Paycheck Protection, which last week did not have enough money.

The bill also includes $75 billion for hospitals and $25 billion for tests for coronavirus. The bill, which was voted 388 to 5, must now be signed by President trump.

Small business program provides loans, if enterprises do not fire workers. The first $350 billion the program has paid in the last month, but ended in two weeks. The program will receive an additional $310 billion thanks to a new bill.

Last month, 26 million Americans — or about 16% of all workers lost their jobs because of the pandemic coronavirus and plant closures.

Some members of the house of representatives called for the reopening of the business.

«There are many questions that remain unanswered, but not the last of these is the question of how long the American people will accept the unconstitutional and devastating the government’s actions. We need to open America today. I urge the governors to immediately release its citizens,» said Andy Biggs, member of the house of representatives from Arizona.