Marines pacified the unruly passenger during a flight Tokyo-TX

Military personnel marine corps captain Daniel Kalt, Sergeant John Detrick and private first class Alexander Meinhardt pacified passenger plane flying from Tokyo.

The Marines were able to cope with the passenger who made threatening statements on a flight from Tokyo, Japan to Texas, USA.

Captain Daniel Kalt, Sergeant John Detrick and private first class Alexander Meinhardt was flying from Tokyo to Texas on Monday when one of the passengers of the plane barricaded themselves in one of the restrooms on Board and started yelling, as the representative of the marine Corps of the United States. What he shouted was not reported. It is only known that it was a threat.

The Marines waited near the dressing room until the flight attendant opened the door, which the passenger was locked from the inside. Then they took an unruly passenger, and tied it with elastic bands. Forcing a man to sit on the seat, the trio looked after him until, until the plane landed at the International airport of Los Angeles in California man brought to the street. He was taken to the hospital to assess his state of health.

The plane was finally able to continue its flight and landed at the International airport of Dallas Fort worth.

«I knew I had to intervene when he began to pose a danger to others and yourself,» said after the incident, private first class Alexander Meinhardt. «I didn’t think twice about helping to immobilize him during the rest of the flight».

The representative Corps of the US marine corps told the news publication CNN that the office of the U.S. attorney and the Federal Bureau of investigation are still investigation the incident, so cannot provide additional information regarding the airline or an unruly passenger.