The new Yorker was arrested for violating the quarantine laws in Hawaii after the publication of photos in Instagram

Resident of Bronx, who was on vacation in Hawaii, was arrested Friday, 15 may, and was accused of violating the strict rules of the state, according to which tourists should abide by the 14-day quarantine after arrival.

23-year-old Tariq Peters posted on his Instagram account incriminating photo in which he stands with a surfboard on the beach.

The guy landed in Honolulu on Monday, may 11. According to information from the office of the Governor David Ayjah, he was accused that he immediately went to see the sights.

«He allegedly left his hotel room the day of arrival and traveled to many places on public transport — said in a press release. — The authorities found out about his social media posts from citizens who have seen his posts — on the beach with a surfboard».

Local detectives realized on the page in Peters Instagram that he took a selfie at Bryant Park a week ago, connected it with arrival to the island, and then passed the information to the authorities.

Now the violator will have to pay a penalty of $4000.

Agents from the attorney General’s office of Hawaii Claire Connors visited the hotel Peters, where, according to the staff, they had seen it «several times» came out of the room during the week, according to a press release.

«We appreciate the help of local residents, which detect gross violations of our emergency rules on various social networks and report them to the relevant authorities», — reads the statement of the Connors.

Residents of Hawaii, unhappy with the alleged violation of rules a resident of new York.

«Don’t come to Hawaii and do not break our laws,» wrote one user on Instagram under a photo of Peters.

Due to the strict rules Hawaii has managed to maintain low statistics for the coronavirus. As of Friday, Hawaii reported only one new case COVID-19, resulting in the state a total of 638 cases and 17 deaths.