Randalls Island Park talked about his movie summer

Randalls Island Park talked about his movie summer

People tend to wait for something. More recently, we all together were preparing for the holidays and was waiting for the New year. Now, after more than a week after the cherished day with a clear mind to wait to start the summer and plan what you will do gentle warm evenings, especially considering that now PM is not affectionate, and even the short trip from the house to the outside world seems to be a real challenge.

For those who look to the future, Randalls Island Park announced its list of movies that will be free to watch outdoors this summer.

May 25: Moana

June 9: Ferris Bueller takes the day off

22 June: Wonder woman

July 8: Jumanji: jungle

July 22: LEGO: Batman

5 Aug: Koko

19 August: Guardians of the Galaxy

September 9: Rogue-one

The open-air screenings in recent years have become particularly popular, because they allow you to change the familiar surroundings of conventional cinema, and wrapped in a blanket, watch a favorite movie in the company of friends. Here you can see all your favorite classics and new movies, so don’t forget to make a note in your calendar so not to miss anything interesting.