Surrogate mother gave birth to the couple Kardashian-West’s third child

Surrogate mother gave birth to the couple Kardashian-West’s third child

In the family of famous media personality and model Kim Kardashian and her husband rapper Kanye West , updated surrogate mother gave birth to their daughter. The girl will be the third child of the star family, she will have her older sister and brother.
About that new parents announced on Twitter today, January 16.

«With Kanye we are pleased to announce the birth of our healthy, beautiful girl,» wrote Kim Kardashian on Twitter. «We are incredibly grateful to our surrogate who carried our dreams, making us the greatest of all possible gifts. We also want to say thank you to our wonderful doctors and nurses for their special care. North and Saint are excited to become sisters».

She’s here.

— Kim Kardashian West (@@KimKardashian) January 16, 2018

The youngest member of the family Kardashian-West will not be bored in the company of his many relatives. Sister Kim, Chloe, awaiting the birth of his first child this year and we already know that it’s a boy. In addition, they say that younger sister Khloe, Kylie, is also pregnant, although she has not officially confirmed this news.

About the woman who carried the child for Kim and Kanye is little known. In the press flashed only streamlined and terse descriptions, for example, that the stars found a surrogate mother through an Agency, and whether the fact that she is black married College student, who already has two children. Naturally, the girl’s name is stored under lock and key.

The decision that the child born to Kim and Kanye will use the services of a surrogate mother was made after Kim found out that she cannot have the baby herself because of the threat of serious bleeding, which can lead to her death.

It is not yet known what name will be given to the baby, however, the stars say they won’t call the girl a name starting with the letter «K» in the tradition of the Kardashian Family, as this may be the reason that their family will bind the nickname «KKK», because the names of the Parents, Kim and Kanye also begin with «K».