From the sewers of New Orleans pulled 46 tone beads

From the sewers of New Orleans pulled 46 tone beads

In addition to leaves, dirt and other substances in storm drains in New Orleans regularly makes one happy, bright and festive. It’s colorful beads popular during the holiday Mardi Gras. The authorities needed to spend millions and attract the working crowd, to unclog the drain in New Orleans, extracting from it the remains of a festive mood.

The online Times-Picayune reports that special teams pulled out of drains 46 tons of beads that contributed to the formation of blockages in the pipe. Difficult job for cleaning of sewers began in late September. In General, this painstaking and difficult work, which attracted nearly two dozen trucks with a vacuum pump, the city authorities had to spend $ 7 million.

From the sewers of New Orleans pulled 46 tone beads

Colored plastic beads, as a rule, thrown out of Windows and moving platforms during the parade — sometimes in exchange for the fact that women expose their Breasts. In this simple way, they are on the ground, and after – and in sewer drains. It is reported that all blockages from the festive mood was located along the route festive procession of Mardi Gras.

This year at the time of the celebrations, the city authorities plan to put a special grid on the drains, so beads do not fall into the sewer. In addition, local residents will be interviewed, the purpose of which will be training on how to self-clean the receiver of sewage and rainwater in the area.

The Mardi Gras celebration takes place on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the Catholic lent. This celebration marks the end of the seven «fat days», analog Omnivores week. The holiday itself can be compared to East Slavic Carnival.


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