19-hour flight from Singapore to new York will be dlitelnyj in the history of air transportation

Spend the day on the train — nothing unusual here, because we’ve learned that the train trips are long. But to 19 hours to fly in an airplane… for many, this idea does not fit in the head. However, Singapore Airlines find it feasible.

In autumn, the airline will launch direct flight Singapore — new York, which will be the longest in the history of air travel. Passengers will stay in the air for five hours a day flying for the time 17 964 km.

This will be possible thanks to the new product from Airbus — long range aircraft A350 ULRintended for continuous flights of up to 20 hours. Singapore Airlines will become the first customer for the aircraft. To make a long flight less grueling, it is equipped with a lighting system, which allows to deal with the syndrome of jet lag. The air in the cabin will be refreshed every 2 minutes using a special technology.

The plane is still in the development stage, but its predecessor, the A321 LR, has already passed the test without stopping flying 7 644 km away from Seychelles Islands to Toulouse from 146 mannequins on Board.

Note that in 2013, Singapore Airlines has launched a flight Singapore — new Yorkusing the Airbus A340-500. On Board there were only 100 seats of the business class and the cost of fuel does not pay off, so the carrier refused to venture.

ULR A350 is much more economical to operate, and therefore the flights will be presented in two categories: the business class and premium economy.