The organizers of the «Miss America» was removed from the competition catwalk in swimsuits

98-th competition «Miss America» will take place without the traditional defile in bathing suits, and for the title will be able to fight women any «size».

Today, may 5, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of «Miss America» Gretchen Carlson spoke about the transformation contest. Of events expelled catwalk beauties in bathing suits — piece, causing the audience most interested in, and the event itself will be a competition, not a competition.

«We’ll evaluate our candidates by their appearance. This is very important,» said Carlson.

In addition, the evening gown also replaced the walk in any comfortable clothing.

According to the organizers, updated the competition will attract women «of all shapes and sizes.»

Visit «Miss America» in Twitter has already appeared intriguing short videos with steamy white bikini.

We’re changing out of our swimsuits and into a whole new era #byebyebikini #MissAmerica2019

— Cara Mund (@MissAmerica) June 5, 2018

The first contest «Miss America» was held on September 7-8, 1921, in Atlantic city.

After 1951 winner Yolande Betbeze refused to pose for the cameras in a swimsuit, saying that «appearance is not the main component of beauty», the event has become more a contest of intelligence and charisma, than external charms.

Currently, the competition is headed by 3 women, who at one time became the owner of the title «Miss America»: Regina Hopper (1983), Marjorie Vincent-Tripp (1991) and the already mentioned Gretchen Carlson (1989).