Balloon «Baby trump» to tour America

Activists from California, Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina and Utah are eager to participate in the all-American tour «Baby trump».

A balloon with the image of an angry toddler in a diaper trump has become the main symbol of the protests in the UK during a working visit of the us leader to the country. But «life» mini versions of trump may not be over.

Activists who do not support the policy and rhetoric of the current President, liked the idea of the British, so they offered to transport a giant airship in the United States.

Snarllng ‘Trump baby’ blimp could soon fly in U.S.: activists

— Reuters Top News (@Reuters) July 16, 2018

«These actions – our commitment to the resistance against Donald trump in any way possible, said to NBC News activist Jim Girvan. Is the ability to connect a little and even more annoying the President.»

Girvan along with other opponents of trump – Didier jiménez-Castro – opened the Fund To Bring Baby Trump to America. In order to achieve their goals, activists have created a page at GoFundMe, which in just three days has collected more than $10 thousand is 2 times more than the amount for which they originally expected.

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Girvan and Jimenez plan to launch a nationwide tour in August. But public figures have decided to use the money collected to create the American version of the baby trump, instead of having to transport the original from the UK.

‘Trump Baby’ protest blimp is coming to America

— Paul Stewart (@PaulStewartII) December 17, 2018

«Some of the plans we keep secret, but we looked at the Mar-a-Lago. Baby trump will fly over his Golf course, because he uses it as a refuge from their work, said Girvan. – He didn’t like doing his job, he doesn’t even know how to do their job».

Girvan is a member of People’s Motorcade – a group of residents of new Jersey, which are collected in National Golf club Bedminster trump every Saturday, creating a protest-car motorcade. According to Girvan, the number of cars sometimes in the hundreds.