Trump told the child that believes in Santa Claus at age 7 is «abnormally»

Donald trump in a phone conversation with a 7 year old kid said that to believe in Santa Claus at that age — «not normal».

According to tradition, when the North American command aerospace defense (NORAD) starts to track the Santa’s route around the world, children can call and find out where Santa is now. Some calls are transferred to the White house that the President and the first lady spoke to the children.

«You still believe in Santa? — trump asked his companion. Because at 7 years of age this is quite unusual, abnormally».

The other little head of the country asked what he believes, Santa will bring him for Christmas and promised to talk to the child again. First lady Melania trump asked the children, do they have over the route of Santa Claus and wished them a happy Christmas and the fulfillment of all desires.

Helping children across the country track #Santa is becoming one of my favorite traditions! @Potus and I enjoyed working with @NORADSanta — #ChristmasEve

— Melania Trump (@FLOTUS) December 25, 2018

Later, Donald and Melania trump attended Church at the Washington Cathedral.

The previous Christmas the couple met in the Florida residence Mar-a-Lago, but this year due to the partial shutdown they had to stay in Washington (D. C.).

Recall that NORAD tracks and broadcasts location of Santa Claus around the world since 1955, and 2018 is no exception, despite the notorious shutdown.

This year the military helps more than a thousand volunteers. In NORAD Tracks Santa also count how many gifts Santa has delivered, and indicate what the weather at the North pole.