The woman who won the jackpot of $1.5 billion, donates money to charity

A resident of South Carolina, which won the largest jackpot in the history of lotteries from the US ($1.5 billion) share with the state and city that became a symbol of its success.

«She wants to remain anonymous, to calmly and without fear to live on,» he said on Thursday, March 14, the girls lawyer, Jason Kurland.

According to the lawyer, in October last year a woman was driving on Highway 417, when suddenly the shop Mart KC city Centre, saw an ad: lottery jackpot soars to half billion amount.

«She decided to take a chance and buy a ticket, but thought she had no chance of winning. When, on the morning after the drawing, she checked the rooms, I was in shock. Within a few hours, stared at the ticket and then start jumping and screaming from happiness,» said Kurland.

According to him, it is not stated right on winning until the beginning of March 2019, because slowly was looking for lawyers and financial planners who could help her to preserve anonymity and to manage its newfound wealth.

The winner could receive the entire amount — $1.5 billion within 30 years, or choose a one-time payment of$878 million. She chose the latter.

The woman had already donated the money (exact amount not specified) to several charitable organizations, including:

  • The arts center Simpsonville;
  • Fund of South Carolina in the aftermath of hurricanes;
  • The Ronald McDonald house in Columbia;
  • In The Middle (charity that helps women undergoing treatment for breast cancer);
  • Help Fund the red cross for the victims of the recent tornadoes in Alabama.

«I understand that with such success comes great social responsibility. I have a unique opportunity to help people», — has transferred words of the winner.

By the way, the taxpayers of South Carolina, will also get a little bonus. Due to income tax from jackpot, the state government will make a «discount» of $50 for each taxpayer. As they say, a trifle, but nice.