Perhaps Britney Spears will not be on stage

Perhaps Britney Spears will not be on stage

As reported by Larry Rudolph popular resource to TMZ, Britney Spears will not return to the stage in the near future — and may even finish his career.

Mental and physical health status of the pop star does not allow her to continue to rehearse for the show that was postponed in January.

«As the man who supervised her career, based on the information available to me, I and all who worked with her, have forced to confirm: obviously, it will not return to the residence in Vegas in the near future — and perhaps ever».

In 2007, Britney went to rehab but, despite the problems in his personal life, did not break off touring.

The mental health problems of the singer again began to actively discuss after her ex-husband Kevin Federline said he would not allow the former to communicate with his sons, until it becomes mentally stable.

Larry Rudolph added that Britney was 2/3 of the way to full recovery began when health problems from her father last year. They had to cancel a series of concerts, because «the pills were not working and Britney was desperate because of the illness of the father.»

The singer herself broke the silence about his condition last month, saying that she «all right. My family lived in a state of stress and anxiety the last days, so I need time to deal with it. But don’t worry, I’ll be back very soon.»

With the latest court hearing in Los Angeles on custody of the singer, Britney Spears went barefoot. Journalists were not admitted to the lighting process in the courtroom, but the audience caught this moment. Pop star testified against his father, who is her guardian for the last 11 years. She claimed he forcibly put the singer in a mental hospital and forced to take medication. The next hearing was appointed on 18 September.