Average police officer has become an Internet sensation and users of social networks threaten to break the law just to meet him

A policeman, who spoke about the new safety rules on the road, has become an Internet sensation because the users of social networks can’t stop to admire his looks, and someone even threatens to commit a crime to secure his attention.

The video has already become viral on Twitter were shared on Friday by the police of Knoxville. Since the 2-minute video has collected more than 2700 likes and more than 500 people shared it. And users are going crazy for a young attractive police officer white.

The post gathered more than 100 comments, where dozens of Twitter users to love the COP and asking him to «personally explain» to them the new law.

Video shows 2 officers – officer white and officer Wilson – which explain the basics of the new law, which was called ‘Hands Free’ law.

PSA: The new Hands Free Law officially goes into effect in Tennessee at midnight on Monday, July 1 pic.twitter.com/9uvTjgD5ad

— Knoxville TN Police (@Knoxville_PD) June 28, 2019

Both officers just explain the innovation, saying that drivers are prohibited during the drive to hold the phone «any part of his body.»

Officer white said that the new law was adopted for «your safety», adding: «In 2018 in Tennessee, there were 24 thousand of accidents caused by inattentive driving».

Officer Wilson explained that the penalty for violating the law is $200 near school or place of work, a first offense outside this zone will result in a fine of $50.

«Again, this is for your safety and the safety of all road users,» added white. «Tennessee has one of the highest mortality levels due to inattentive driving»,- he gave these statistics, but Wilson continued to talk about the law.

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The video went viral almost from the moment that appeared online. A happy adoption of the new law, while others noted that the punishment is too strict.

Where does the officer on the left patrol EXACTLY??? #itsfriday

— Heather G. Anderson (@HRLawKnox) June 28, 2019

But despite the purpose of the video is to inform the public about the new law – the video went viral for a different reason. Dozens of users of the social network drew particular attention to officer white, calling it «attractive».

What days and where does Officer White work? 😍 I need him to personally explain this new law to me please.

— Kiersten Dunaway (@KK_and_company) July 1, 2019

Others jokingly confessed a desire to COP their «arrested», whereas some girls asked if he «personally to explain» to them the details of the innovations and asked «Officer white alone? Asking for a friend».

Can I get arrested by Officer White?

— Tatyana🌼 (@TatyanaFields4) July 2, 2019

One girl commented on the video: «If the only way to meet with officer white to TEXT while drive, then you already know what I’m going to do.»

yo dude on the left u single?

— Mel (@SmolinMelissa) July 1, 2019

Someone else said: «Officer white’s worried about my safety. I think you need to come with me and watch what I do not answer calls».