Viral video of the boy, afraid of water, was continued, from which the social network was delighted

Every day people are faced with their own fears, and sometimes we let them control our lives. But the video scared little boy who overcomes his fear of water immersion pool, motivates others to follow his example.

Proud father of a child who is a fireman, July 2, shared a video of how his son was afraid of water, jumping into the pool from the diving Board into the water, and he added: «Here is overcoming fears!!»

The boy’s father shared this shot 2 years later after the video became viral Argea the first time. In that first clip, which was made by the pool in the summer of 2017, a little Argi has been terrified to jump off the diving Board into the water to such an extent that his whole body spread uncontrollable shaking. At the bottom it was ready to pick up, but the boy could not bring himself to jump.

Remember this kid that went viral a while back?? (My son RJ) Check him out 2 years later. This is what overcoming fear looks like!! A thread.

— Hampton House (@Hampsworld) July 2, 2019

However, Argi, who once couldn’t bring myself to jump, don’t let your fear to overcome is the desire to learn to swim. And now, after 2 years, the child’s father has shared another video. He wrote:

Remember the video with that baby, which some time ago became viral?? (My son Argi) let’s See how it fares after 2 years. Here is overcoming fears!! Dramatic change.

A little practice and Argi had the courage to finally jump. And users of social networks compare the last video with the leap of faith.

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He not only boldly and confidently walked the ramp, but jumped into the pool with a depth of 12 feet, it feels like it’s nothing. After that, he swam to the side of the pool.

Many praised the child’s father from little Rock, Arkansas because he’s so supportive and patient father. Others noted that brave little boy and motivates them.