Aggressive passenger on the American Airlines flight had to fasten to the chair and force to take out aircraft

The American Airlines plane bound from Dallas to Los Angeles, had to be delayed by 45 minutes due to unruly passenger, who organized the scandal. In the end, unable to calm the man, the officers tied him to a chair and forcibly removed from the flight.

According to another passenger, John Gilbert, a man named Peter was angry when he learned that his place in the 36 row and moved to first class, window seat. Soon came the reservations of his passenger, but the man refused to leave.

Gilbert managed to shoot further development of the conflict. In the video Gilbert yells at the stewardess, trying to convince him to leave, and reiterates that it will not budge.

«Don’t make me. «he says,» don’t you dare encroach on my freedom. This is my place, and you don’t like it. <…> OK, I’ll shut up, but will remain here. I do not care».

«This is my place! he shouts then, turning to the other stewardess, Shut up, shut up, shut up!»

«You can’t interact with others — responds the hostess — unless you want to leave the plane.»

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Flight attendants tried to explain to Peter that he must return to his place, if you do not want to have him removed from the flight, but the man refused to move. Then the staff had to call the police, who used force, and some passengers to leave the plane as long as the situation is not going to fix it.

Four officers, who was on the Board at the request of the crew, strapped Peter, still shouting insults, to the wheelchair, handcuffed and taken away. On the second clip, filmed by Gilbert, it is visible as he bounces and breaks until they’re taking him to the airport.

At the moment it is not known whether advanced male charges.