TOP 7 free services that you can get from some airlines

Anyone who travels frequently knows how the airlines «does not operate at a loss», sometimes charging fees for things that were previously free.

So, checked baggage can cost from $25 to $50 and when you change a ticket you can lose up to $200.

But, it turns out that even in these harsh times you can still get quite a lot of free services on some airlines.

Airfare Watchdog has compiled a list of such services. Among them:

  • free Wi-Fi on JetBlue;
  • was two free bags on Southwest;
  • there are no extra fees for changing a ticket on Southwest;
  • free sandwiches on domestic flights, Delta and American;
  • free Biscoff cookies on Delta and American;
  • free soft drinks on all major airlines (most low-cost airlines you will have to pay for them);
  • free meals on flights with Hawaiian Airlines from the mainland (except for departures from Los Angeles and San Francisco).
  • So then what can be concluded? Before you buy the tickets on the cheapest flight you could find, make sure you don’t have to pay another $100 for the case or $30 just to choose a place in the cabin.

    Because in this case «cheap» flight for $150 may only cost you $250 or even more. Do not waste your money for nothing.

    By the way, recall that American airlines give customers more time to change flight to China without charging a fee for it. American Airlines and Delta Air reported that before the end of February, passengers who have purchased tickets to China, will be able to exchange them for free.