Diver surprised the girl, making her an offer at a depth of 30 feet in the Caribbean sea

A young man from Virginia, shocked his girlfriend an incredible proposal when he asked her hand in marriage at a depth of 30 feet in the Caribbean sea.

Ethan Student and Morgan Whittaker — both love scuba diving, which was inspired by the future groom to ask his future bride under the water, hiding the engagement ring in the shell.

Ethan spent 5 years planning an extraordinary offer for girls, which met for 10 years. While scuba diving off the island of Bonaire in the southern Caribbean sea, he proposed to her and she said Yes. Now the couple can’t wait for the wedding, scheduled for April, according to news South West News Service.

«Five years ago I had the idea to propose under water. I thought it would be cool, unique and interesting,» said Ethan (30 years). «I decided to make an offer at the first reef that we swam».

A few years ago the couple first visited Bonaire during the first break away of the South Antilles. Morgan first sailed under water, which made this place very special for them. «I wanted the proposal was romantic, but I’m not the best in this kind of cases,» said Ethan. «I thought if I can go back to Bonaire, I will be able to return us to the magic of our first joint vacation.»

When they went to Bonaire with friends last July for the expedition, Morgan (age 28) had no idea that Ethan took the ring, which also had to do with their beloved island. Ethan prudently kept the sea glass from their first trip to Bonaire, which is inserted in an engagement ring.

However, sink to the bottom with a ring was not so simple. Nervous that Morgan will notice the ring at the airport, Ethan asked one of my single friends to hide jewelry in your suitcase. On the scheduled day along with a couple of friends, armed with cameras, fell into the water. «We had a little swim, and I was trying to find the perfect place,» said Ethan. «Then I sat down on the sand, pretending that you have found a shell».

«When Morgan got closer, I opened it,» he said. In the shell were written the words «will You marry me?» Of course, she said Yes and the happy couple together rose to the surface.

«I was in shock. I really thought that he raised some kind of marine animal,» — says the girl.

«Ethan introduced me to diving and this is what we love most in the world, so it was a great idea to make the offer in such surroundings,» she added.