American Airlines passenger joked about the coronavirus, and it caused an 8 hour delay

Passenger flight American Airlines was the most hated man in Dallas when he joked that he had coronavirus immediately before takeoff.

The flight was supposed to depart at 18:30 on Saturday, March 14, from Dallas. According to WKRN, but the takeoff had to be postponed because of the men who initially refused to raise my folding table, and then said that he had a deadly virus.

«People were in shock, because nobody knew what was happening, told WKRN another passenger, Brandon Kenny. — People didn’t know whether he’s sick or whether he has coronavirus».

Police boarded the plane and removed the rowdy, who is not named. According to law enforcement, his statement was false.

«Right after he was escorted off the plane, one of the officers returned and explained the situation to the people who sat next to him and explained it to us, told us not to worry about it. He just assured that he joked about the presence of the coronavirus,» said Kenny.

The plane had to get to Nashville at 20:40 on March 14, but came only in 4:40 on March 15.

According to WKRN, the airline said that this man was arrested for a false statement, but did not provide further comment on the incident.