«I burned it down»: Britney Spears has told how accidentally started a fire in the gym

Britney Spears has frankly told about the trouble that occurred in her home gym. She told me that accidentally started a fire a few months ago. Britney said no one was injured, and added that she «still like to have fresh air».

Britney Spears spoke about the fire that occurred in her home gym, adding that she burned him a few months ago, but assured that no one was hurt. «I haven’t been here in about 6 months because I burned the gym down, unfortunately,» — said Britney Wednesday night in a post in Instagram.

She explained how it all happened: «I had 2 candles. One after the other and I burnt it».

In the post, Spears recalled the details of the fire, which, according to her, was an accident: «I walked past the door to the gym and there was a fire… thank God the fire alarm just went off, and luckily no one was hurt.»

Fortunately, the fire nobody has suffered, she added, saying: «it Could be much worse, so I am very grateful.»

It seems that Britney has since restored the gym, although she said in the video that she had «left only 2 items from her sports equipment». After that, she went to show a home exercise that requires only dumbbells and weight of your own body.

«I still like to do in the fresh air,» she added.

In their 2 previous posts to Instagram on Wednesday, Britney told me that she had a few weeks of staying at home during a pandemic coronavirus. Despite the fire, she said «I’m not sure how to put into words how happy I am every day to find solitude in my wonderful home».

«I hope you remain safe and play their role,» she wrote.

From 2013 to 2017 fire brigades in the United States each year has responded to about 8,000 calls about fires in homes that happened was the candle, according to statistics from the National Fire Prevention Association. In the organization said that every year in these fires, on average, 80 people die and 720 will sunburn and injury.