«Horror online»: a real house from the movie «the Conjuring» will be broadcast live around the clock

The home that inspired the creators of the film «the Conjuring», will be broadcast live during the week, since Saturday, may 9.

Stream will be available on The Dark Zone – the website dedicated to all things creepy and paranormal phenomena, and on may 8 there will be a free preview. «The spell» has captured the imagination of people all over the world mainly because it’s supposedly based on real events that happened to the Perron family, who lived in this house in Rhode island in the 70-ies.

According to the Perron family in the house moving things, appeared a ghostly figure. It turned out that before they lived here eight generations of families, and many of the residents died under mysterious or suspicious circumstances: drowning, murder and suicide…

«Peace is in isolation, as the family living in the house that inspired «the Conjuring». See how family Heinzen lives among the spirits during a pandemic, — said in the announcement of the live broadcast. — You will receive a fascinating and interactive look inside this magical house. When will the paranormal activity, you’ll see it online! We’re also joined by celebrity-Sakaki of the paranormal».

After the free preview may 8 cost-hour session broadcast live The House Live will be at $4.99, and the whole week costs $19,99.

Part of the proceeds will go to charities helping in the fight against coronavirus. Discounted tickets will be available may 1.