Alexey Navalny came out of a coma

Alexey Navalny came out of a coma

Alexey Navalny came out of a comaAlexey Navalny came out of a coma

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny emerged from an artificial coma, in which he had been since his poisoning on August 20. According to doctors from the Berlin Charite Hospital, his condition has improved.

According to doctors, now Navalny is gradually disconnected from the ventilator. In addition, he began to respond to external stimuli. Hospital officials also stressed in an official statement that it is «too early to assess the potential long-term effects of poisoning.»

German doctors confirmed last week that the politician was poisoned with a nerve agent from the Novichok group — while Russian doctors say they found no traces of any poison in Navalny's body. The Russian authorities also continue to insist that they were not involved in the poisoning.

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