Putin urged Americans to respect the trump

Putin urged Americans to respect the trump

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin believes that Americans should show more respect to your President.

Putin’s statement was made in Sochi, at the International discussion club «Valdai».

Putin urged Americans to respect the trump

In his comments, the President of Russia has called the disrespect to Trump «negative» feature of the American democratic system.
«Inside the country, disrespecting him. It is unfortunate the negative component of the political system of the United States,» said Putin. «Donald trump was elected by the American people. And, at least, that is why it is respectful to treat him, even if you don’t agree with his position,» he added.

The Russian leader said that all people holding the highest office in the United States, have «a certain talent» that allows them to survive in the difficult political process of America.

«I believe that the President of the United States does not need any advice because you need to have a certain talent to get through it all, even having no experience of such a serious administrative work. He [trump] did it. He won fair and square», — said Putin.

And on the same day, US Ambassador to the UN , Nikki Haley accused the Russian government of «hostilities» against the United States.
«When a country can intervene in the elections of another country, this military action,» said Haley, participating in discussions at the Institute to George Bush.

We will note, Vladimir Putin continues to deny Russian involvement in the election.