Trump threw Russian flags in the Senate (video)

Trump threw Russian flags in the Senate (video)

Today one of the liberal activists Ryan Claytonin the premises of the Senate of the United States threw in the trump a few Russian flags, chanting «trump is a traitor.» The incident took place at a time as the President was headed by the Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell to lunch in the dining hall.

«Why are you talking about tax cuts when you have to say about treason?», kept on yelling Clayton.

The President on the incident did not react, continuing to go at the same pace.

The activist was not hidden from the guards and he gave his name, adding that the initiative group is Amega Take Action. He had previously been seen in similar incidents. In July of this year, Clayton was asked to sign the Russian tricolor son-in-law of President Jared Kushner, emerged from the Senate after testimony in the case of intervention of Russia in election.

Earlier in February, at the Conservative Political Action Conference in suburban Washington Clayton was distributed to all present Russian flags. People were misled, not knowing why they are given a tricolor. Some began to wave them. On the same day many media outlets published information about the fact that Donald trump met Russian flags.

Group Amega Take Action, which represents Clayton, trying to draw attention to the dangers posed by the present, in their opinion, trump’s relationship with Russia.