James Komi said that he would report to the Senate during testimony

James Komi said that he would report to the Senate during testimony

Tomorrow, June 8, former FBI Director , James Comey, whom Donald trump fired early last month, will give their personal testimony to the Senate, namely the intelligence Committee. But to learn about what exactly he’s going to tell senators.

A few hours ago on the web site of the Committee published a voluminous written statement of Komi, in which he told about the request of Donald trump to be loyal to it, to terminate the investigation concerning the former adviser to the President for national security Michael Flynn, and FBI publicly announced that trump himself is not under investigation.

Recall, not having worked a month at a new position, Flynn resigned because of the scandal that arose on the basis of his telephone conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak.

James Comey, described some of his meetings and telephone conversations with the President. He admitted that his memories are very accurate, because every time after talking with Donald trump, he immediately wrote down everything, what they talked about.

Below you can see a brief summary of the most important conversations of Komi and trump:

  • Dinner in the Green room of the White house, January 27
  • James Komi said, when they were alone, the President asked whether he wants to stay on a post of the Director of the FBI, because his place desirable for many people. Trump also added that given the Komi abuse of his position over the past years, he understands the desire of the chief Bureau to leave his position.

    This Komi said he intends to be Director of the whole of the allotted ten-year term and is willing to always tell the truth. Then the President said, “I need loyalty. I expect loyalty.” Subsequently, he several times repeated this sentence.

    According to news Agency New York Mag, the White house deniedthat trump ever asked Comey about loyalty to himself.

  • After a briefing on counter-terrorism in the oval office, February 14
  • After the conference, trump asked Komi Republic to talk to him eye to eye. The conversation was about Michael Flynn, who resigned the day before. Trump has repeated several times that Flynn did not do “anything wrong during the conversation with Russian”, but he had to let him go because the adviser misled the Vice President.

    “I hope You have no difficulties to let go of this [situation], to release Flynn. He’s a good guy. I hope You release the situation, ” recounts Komi words of Donald trump.

    “I understand that the President is going to ask us to stop any investigation about Flynn in connection with false statements about his conversations with the Russian Ambassador in December. I do not understand whether the President plans to speak about the vast investigation about Russia or about the possible links with his campaign,” says Komi.

    After some discussion with colleagues, the head of the FBI decided that it will not publish this request at meetings with the attorney General.

  • Telephone call, March 30
  • That morning, Donald trump called the Director of the FBI and described the investigation into Russia’s interference in the presidential election as a “stain”, which interferes with his ability to act on behalf of the country. The President then asked what can be done to fix it.

    The following topic was raised trump, was an FBI investigation about the relationship between Russia and the presidential campaign, than on the eve of Komi reported on the hearing in Congress. The head of the office again explained to the President that he informed the congressmen about specific persons in respect of whom the investigation, and the trump is not among them.

    Subsequently, Donald trump said repeatedly that the FBI should go public with it. “We need to talk about this fact”, – transfers words of the Komi Republic the President, who then expressed the hope that the FBI will find a way to declare this circumstance.

  • Phone call, April 11
  • The President called Komi and asked what actions he tookto fulfill his request public. The FBI Director told him that he had passed the request to the Deputy General Prosecutor Rod Rosenstein, but got no response. Trump said that maybe he should ask his people to contact the Prosecutor.

    This was the last conversation of the President and the head of the FBI, who a month later, Donald trump fired under the pretext that Komi does not cope with their responsibilities.

    All who are interested to know what else to say Komi tomorrow during testimony, you can watch the broadcast on TV or Twitter accounts, @business and @Twitter. The hearing will begin at 10:00 am et.