Trump will visit the United Kingdom, but will not meet with the Queen

Trump will visit the United Kingdom, but will not meet with the Queen

Donald trump told the British Prime Minister Theresa may on her working visit to London in late February. In the course of the conversation the President stressed that he had not scheduled a meeting with the head of the United Kingdom Elizabeth II.

The purpose of the visit of the head of state is the opening of the new U.S. Embassy in London. During the visit he will also meet with the Mrs. may’s, despite a number of verbal clashes between high-ranking officials. Last month the Prime Minister condemned the retweet trump associated with anti-Muslim propaganda.

Trump will visit the United Kingdom, but will not meet with the Queen

A few weeks ago may has criticised the decision of trump on the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel – this step, according to the UK, questioned the decision of the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis peacefully.

Earlier this year, more than a million UK citizens signed the petition calling to cancel a planned visit trump. According to activists, the arrival of the American leader may provoke in London and other cities in the largest protests.

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Some media also stated that spouses trump unable to attend the wedding of Prince Harry, as his bride, actress Meghan Markle is American. But in the Washington Post rather inclined to the fact that the ceremony will be present the former U.S. President and former first lady – Barack and Michelle Obama. It is worth noting that the couple was not present at the wedding of Prince William in 2011 because of the big security costs for the presidential couple.

But, perhaps, not only this would be the reason that Trump won’t be able to attend the ceremony. After all, when trump was still a candidate for President, the future wife of the heir to the British throne, Meghan Markle, called the Republican a «misogynist» and even threatened to leave the United States if he is elected.

Despite the fact that the official list of invitees is not yet compiled, a Professor of international relations and history at Boston University, Eric Goldstein, told USA.ONEthat the President trump or any foreign head of state are unlikely to be invited to the celebration. He noted that, most likely, will be only those monarchs who are relatives of the Royal family.

Goldstein also believes that the place chosen for the wedding – the Chapel of St. George at Windsor castle – much less than in Westminster Abbey, so the number of guests is limited.

According to the Professor, most likely, the ceremony will be attended by representatives of various charity organizations and wounded soldiers.

But before the case ever go to a wedding party of Britain in 2018, the need to «survive» the first visit of the US President Donald trump.