Trump has spent nearly a third of its life resting on its own private resorts

Trump has spent nearly a third of its life resting on its own private resorts

Unlike his predecessors, President trump prefers to spend her «free time» outside of the White house. The Christmas holidays he spends at his resort in Florida and it only once again illustrates the fact that one third of his presidential term , the guarantor is held in its owned hotels and resorts.

The Wall Street Journal writes that in the passing year, the President visited the property belonging to him 100 times, including 40 days at his Golf club in Bedminster, new Jersey, and 40 days at the resort Mar-a-Lago, which has been nicknamed the «Winter White House».

Trump has spent nearly a third of its life resting on its own private resorts

The President arrived at a luxury hotel in palm beach, Florida on Friday, and he is going to stay there for 10 days.

In a Wall Street Journal report also says that trump is not the first, who prefers to spend the holidays away from political Affairs. For example, George BushSr. often went to Kennebunk, Maine, and Barack Obama rented property in Hawaii, others often went away for the weekend at the country residence of the presidents of the USA, camp David, 100 kilometres North-West of Washington, in the Park of mount Catoctin, Maryland. But the difference in these cases lies in the fact that the President of the trump stops where others have to pay for their pastime. Thus, a natural question rises: do not advertise whether Mr. trump a private possession of their visits, trying to increase revenue?

«George Bush is also often went to his ranch in Crawford, Texas, but you couldn’t rent a room adjacent to his bedroom,» — said the representative of the nonprofit organization «Citizens for responsibility and ethics» in Washington, Jordan Liebowitz in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

In addition, frequent visits of the President of trump significantly hit the wallets of taxpayers. According to the air force, this year the government spent $ 6 million earned by trump at Mar-a-Lago, and that’s without considering the additional costs associated with the work of the secret service and coast guard.

The report States that Barack Obama has spent $ 96 million on travel over the eight years of his tenure, an average of about $ 1 million per month. However, only the cost of travel trump in Florida at present already amounted to $ 1.5 million per month.

Recall that during his election campaign, trump has often been criticized predecessor for the time he spent playing Golf on vacation, and said that he will never become a President who constantly flies into a vacation. In July 2015, trump said, «I will rarely leave the White house, because I’m going to so much work.»