Rhode island promises to pay to migrants up to $10 thousand for the move

In Rhode island plan to pay settlers $10 thousand «lifting».

March 29 state representative Carlos Tobon submitted to the Congress Qualified family migration to Rhode Island act, providing financial support to families with at least one child who choose Rhode island for their new home. Thus, the state government is hoping to increase its population before the census in 2020 at least 30 thousand new residents.

According to Carlos Tobon, the population of Rhode island has drastically reduced: census 2010 showed that only on the territory of the state were just over 1 million people. A further reduction threatens to the Rhode island loss of seats in Congress, where the number of legislators depends on the number of voters.

Eating not take urgent measures, for the first time since 1789 the number of its representatives in Parliament will decrease. Consequently, the payment of «lifting» should be regarded as an investment in the welfare of the state, said Tobon.

The bill must still be discussed and if approved will require the revision of the budget of Rhode island. So the prospects are the increasing population in the smallest state in the United States remain vague.