The US is going to impose new sanctions against Russia

A few American publications claim that the U.S. government plans to announce this week about the extension of sanctions against Russia. Sources close to the White house to associate them with the investigation of special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, which examines the evidence of RF interference in the presidential elections of 2016.

New sanctions must affect five Russian companies and 19 citizens of the above States. According to insider information, the restrictions will concern members of the oligarchyclose to Vladimir Putin. The bulk of the sanctions must increase the economic pressure on the President of the Russian Federation.

In recent weeks, the national security Council of the American state insisted on the extension of restrictions in respect of Russian citizens and several organizations in this country. Donald trump is reluctant to make concessions, but can not ignore the actions of the Russian Federation and the international situation.

Earlier, the White house said that the President of the United States will impose new sanctions only if the corresponding action to be taken by the majority of European countries. Because trump saw the solidarity in this matter, he is ready to act more decisively. At the same time the politician hopes for normalization of relations with the Russian Federation and believes that sooner or later Putin will realize the futility of further isolation of Russia.