24 Russian tycoon and politician came under U.S. sanctions

The United States contributed to the sanctions list a number of Russian businessmen and politicians.

Sanctions of the US Treasury Department imposed on 7 Russian oligarchs and 12 of the companies owned by them or controlled by them, as well as 17 senior officials from the Russian Government.

Among businessmen and officials, who are in the list:

  • «aluminum king» Oleg Deripaska,
  • a member of the Federation Council and the head of holding «Nafta Moscow» Suleiman Kerimov,
  • Chairman of the management Board of «Gazprombank» Andrey Akimov,
  • the head of the state company «Gazprom» Alexey Miller,
  • the General Director «Surgutneftegaz» Vladimir Bogdanov,
  • the Chairman of Board of Bank «VTB» Andrey Kostin,
  • Director of the foreign intelligence Service of Russia Mikhail Fradkov,
  • the Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev,
  • the Minister of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Kolokoltsev,
  • billionaire Igor Rotenberg.

«The Russian government continues the occupation of Crimea, provoking the violence in the East of Ukraine, in Syria, supplying Assad regime with weapons that are used for killing civilians and trying to undermine Western democracy, including cyber-attacks,» said US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

The sanctions include visa bans, potential asset freezesand a ban on cooperation with the defendants in the list.