In new York held an emergency meeting of the UN security Council on Syria (updated)

In new York held an emergency meeting of the UN security Council, convened at the request of Russia. Russia considers strikes the United States, Britain and France on the objects involved in the production of chemical weapons in Syria «illegal» and demands to refrain from them in the future.

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley issued an official statement, saying that although US policy on Syria has not changed, they were forced to choose a new strategy to prevent the further creation and use of chemical weapons. If the Assad regime decides to resort again to gimatecan, — said Haley, citing his conversation with President trump States will meet their actions are «in full combat readiness».

The United States, she said, ready to strike new blows, if the Syrian government and its allies «foolish enough to test our resolve».

The following were made by the ambassadors of the United Kingdom and France. The representative of France described the steps taken as coercive but necessary to prevent further massacres in Syria. The British Ambassador condemned the «lack of a sense of shame and responsibility» from the Russian side, adding that the UK does not need «lessons of international law from Russia.»