Trump and Kim Jong-Eun has not yet met, but on this occasion has already released a collector coin

Although the meeting of the President of the trump and the head of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN has not yet taken place, this did not prevent White House Communications Agency to produce in her honor «themed» coins.

The two leaders depicted on the background of their national flags, and the head of the North Korea named «Supreme leader Kim Jong-Inom» is an appeal, made many critics Jong-UN and his regime.

«Just an abomination. says the political scientist Robert E. Kelly — Whose specifically the cult of personality they want to legitimize this summit? Absolutely not-American».

Kelly, associate Professor of political science at Pusan national University and an expert on South Korea, became famous in 2017 due to the viral interview with the BBC accidentally aborted his children and wife.

«Congratulations dictators around the world. The United States not only agree on fruitless negotiations with you, but memorializing your image on the coin, calling the Supreme leader» — criticized design Professor don Moynihan from the University of Wisconsin.

Less than a month to Trump-Kim summit, White House Communications Agency (WHCA) releases its “trip coin.”
This is #74 of 250 made.

— Peter Alexander (@PeterAlexander) May 21, 2018

Soon, the White house released an official statement in which he stressed that it is irrelevant as to the design, and directly to the creation of coins. Washington added that WHCA orders of such collector’s items from American producers since 2003, in a limited number.

Meeting Donald trump and Kim Jong-UN in Singapore scheduled for June 12. However, before it began, North Korea has said it has no intention to abandon nuclear weapons in exchange for economic aid — which in turn caused the President’s doubts about the advisability of the summit as a whole.

«There is a high probability that nothing happens, and there is nothing to worry about. stated trump — Meeting 12 June might not take place, but the chances that we will meet still great.»