«The betrayal», «cowardice», «a disgrace» that the U.S. policy after the meeting, trump and Putin

President Donald trump was met by a barrage of criticism from both Democrats and Republicans after a joint press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the summit in Helsinki.

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So, Senator John McCain called the speech of the trump «one of the most shameful among all American presidents.» «The summit in General was a tragic mistake. A press conference was pathetic defeat political newcomer,» said McCain.

Former CIA Director John Brennan called the position of the tramp (in particular, its «confidence» that Russia did not interfere in the American elections) «nothing less than cheating».

GOP lawmaker who used to be CIA officer: Putin fed Trump «classic disinformation» https://t.co/pNVZgtfb5W pic.twitter.com/Jm1ObxHUsY

— The Hill (@thehill) October 17, 2018

Former speaker of the house of representatives Newton Gingrich called trump’s comments «the most serious mistake of his presidency».
«President trump to clarify his remarks in Helsinki on our intelligence system and Putin. This is the most serious mistake of his presidency, and it should be fixed immediately.»

«I never thought I’d see the day when our President will claim that the US is to blame for the deterioration of relations with Russia. It’s a shame,» are the words of the Senator from Arizona Jeff Flake.

A former FBI Director , James Comey, whom trump fired in the past year, believes that trump «has refused to support their country.» «The American President stood next to the lying thug and did not support their country. Patriots need to stand up and speak out against this President,» tweeted Komi Republic.

A member of the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives Adam Schiff called the President «cowardly and shameful» and suggested that it would only allow Russia to once again interfere in the Affairs of the United States.

«Millions of Americans will ask themselves: does this behavior trump the fact that Putin is on a very dangerous dirt?», — and so said Chuck Schumer, the minority leader in the Senate.