Trump once again tightened sanctions against Russia

President Donald trump ordered the tightening of sanctions over Russian aggression in Donbas and annexation of Crimea.

According to the text of the letter, which today (20 September) appeared on the White house website, the restrictions correspond to the law «On countering the enemies of America by sanctions» (CAATSA) and «Act on support for freedom in Ukraine».

Sanctions imply a ban on performing certain financial operations; freezing of property; denial of visas and entry into the United States and other measures aimed against Russian representatives.

About a month ago, the head of the press service of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov said that Russian President Vladimir Putin hopes to bring relations with the United States «out of a deep crisis» despite the many imposed on the country sanctions from the American authorities.

The media also leaked information that the U.S. government is hard at work on a new package of sanctions, which will affect the gas pipeline between Germany and Russia «Nord stream-2». And trump commented on the project, calling it «ridiculous» and «absurd».