The U.S. justice Department accused 7 of GRU officers in cyber attacks

Only what the U.S. Department of justice (U. S. Department of Justice — DOJ) announced charges against 7 Russian military intelligence officers in connection with large-scale hacker attacks aimed at the US and international organizations.

The cyber attacks were linked to a doping scandal in 2016. The approval of the DOJ, the Russians hacked into the database of doping agencies and other organizations for exposing the conspiracy associated with Russian athletes. It is believed that doping was used with the knowledge and under the supervision of the Ministry of sport of the Russian Federation.

In the document, filed in Federal district court in Pittsburgh, said that employees of the foreign intelligence Service of Russia for 4 years, he managed a hacking attack on anti-Doping Agency of the United States, World anti-doping Agency and a number of other international sports associations.

According to the indictment, the aim of this campaign was the kidnapping of personal data to undermine the authority of the said organizations and changes in public opinion in favor of Russia.

And although the allegations against the GRU is not associated with the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller, both cases have much in common.

«They (the accusations. — confirm the same overarching strategic goal of Russia — to pursue their interests through illegal influence and disinformation to distort or change the perception of the truth,» said assistant US attorney General John Demers.

After a long investigation, it was determined that some Russian athletes, including gold medalists, participated in the Olympic games in Sochi for doping. They were forbidden to take part in further competitions and the international Olympic Committee disqualified at the time of the Olympics in North Korea. Later the decision was reversed.