Trump called the Federal reserve system the biggest threat

The biggest threat to its policy of President Donald trump called the Federal reserve system of the United States. This statement of the American leader did yesterday, 16 October, in an interview on Fox Business.

According to trump, «the fed raises rates too quickly and too independent.» For this reason, the President is not talking to the President of the national Central Bank Jerome Powell. «I’m not happy with what he (Powell. — does, because it’s happening too quickly,» said trump.

The head of the White house earlier negative comments about the fed. Recently, for example, the President said that the Central Bank is «crazy». The President accused the person of Powell in the collapse of the stock last week and expressed dissatisfaction with his decision to raise interest rates.

«I’m not blaming anyone, I am [he] put him there,» said trump, who appointed Powell the head of the fed is Janet Yellen.

In September of this year, Powell decided to raise the interest rate on Federal loan funds of up to 2 to 2.25% per annum. This is not the first and not the last increase. The next one is planned in December this year.

12 Oct predecessor Powell said that, in her opinion, the fed will continue its economic strategy, even though the overt criticism of trump.

«The fed is certainly not mad about what she was doing,» said Janet Yellen at the world knowledge forum, held from 10 to 12 October in South Korea.

Last week, the Powell decision was supported by 2 financial expert: mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, and Christine Lagarde, the managing Director of the International monetary Fund.

Carney praised Powell, calling him «a man who really knows how the financial system of the world and the United States.» But Lagarde noted that the fed gives the impression of a very serious and reliable person, «which definitely tends to base their decisions on actual information.»

The US unemployment rate fell to a record low

In September, the unemployment rate in US dropped to a record 3.7 percent, reported the Ministry of labour. This is the lowest figure since December 1969, when young men were prepared to be sent to Vietnam, and the space industry and auto industry of the country was experiencing unprecedented growth.