The construction of a 6-mile border wall in Texas will begin in February and will cost $145 million

Friday, November 2, customs and border control (CBP) signed a contract worth $145 million, whereby the construction of the us-Mexican wall throughout Texas will begin in February 2019.

Part promised by the trump of the wall will stretch 6 miles (9 km), and its implementation will the company SLSCO. The press service of the CBP has not reported the details of the construction of the fence, but said that it will be «an ongoing challenge for transnational criminal organizations.»

Wall project, called RGV-03, includes:

  • the construction and installation of tactical infrastructure, including the concrete dam;
  • installation on concrete wall steel poles with a height of 18 feet (5.5 m);
  • removal of vegetation around the 150-foot (45 m) zones along the entire length of the wall;
  • the installation of the technical means of detection, lighting and CCTV;
  • the construction of the road for patrol that will parallel the dam.

Donald trump has repeatedly claimed that its border wall is already built (but actually not), has intensified its anti-immigration rhetoric, promising to send 15 thousand soldiers to the southern border to stop the caravan of migrants from Central America.

«We’ll send 10 to 15 thousand soldiers in addition to border patrol, ICE and all the rest, — the President told journalists on Wednesday (1 November). — No one will come. We will not allow people to enter».

The Pentagon has previously said about sending 5 thousand soldiers on the border of the United States and Mexico.

Residents of Texas are warning that their sites can redeem for the construction of the Mexican wall

Americans living in the immediate vicinity of the border with Mexico, and complain about the actions of the US authorities. They got the notification that owned land can be used for the construction of the us-Mexican wall. The residents whose areas are under the threat of foreclosure, dissatisfied with the level of compensation that they offer.