The US has begun to consider «draconian sanctions» against Russia

It became known that the U.S. State Department is considering the possibility of strengthening the restrictive measures concerning the Russian Federation. Political lobby document called «draconian sanctions.»

These actions are caused by the fact that the Russian leadership ignored the request of the United States to explain the situation with poisoning Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the UK. In addition, according to the American authorities, the Kremlin is obliged to ensure that the rejection of chemical weapons production and use. The first package of sanctions imposed in August of this year, and it was a kind of warning to the Russian authorities.

The US has begun to consider «draconian sanctions» against Russia
Political lobby document called «draconian sanctions.» Photo: Depositphotos

As said state Department spokesman David teszler, then the Russian leadership was given 90 days to respond, however, the position of this state has not changed. Now launched the second phase of the sanctions package. It gives the possibility to implement hard constraints. Among them:

  • The ban on allocation of credits to the Russian government.
  • The suspension of flights.
  • The almost complete suspension of trade with Russia.
  • Freezing of diplomatic relations between States.

In addition, the law provides for the introduction of personal sanctions against persons involved in the proliferation and production of prohibited weapons. This applies both to ordinary citizens and Russian companies.

«We intend to convey to them the idea that it is impossible with impunity to commit such acts. Sanctions will remain in place until then, until we see fundamental changes in behavior,» said Tesler.

At the same time, experts believe that the United States will not bet on radical actions. Most likely, the us government will resort to the traditional method of gradual isolation of the offending country.

The representative of the US State Department noted: the current sanctions have caused serious damage to the Russian economy, and if the country’s leadership will not go the path of change, then sooner or later the situation will reach a critical point.


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