Letitia James became the first African-American woman to hold the post of attorney General of new York

The attorney General of new York, was elected public advocate Letitia James, acting against the policy of trump. Thus, the office of the attorney General of the state for the first time is a woman, moreover an African — American.

According to estimates 99% of polling stations, James was ahead of Republican Keith H. Wofford, scoring 61.94% of the vote. In General, because it has been given 3 444 248 votes.

«While we see such anger and such hatred at the state level, support to those who should lift up your voice for all Americans, I am proud to speak as a resident of new York, who knows what our diversity, our strength, courage and determination make us great,» said 60-year-old human rights activist in his victory speech in the house in Brooklyn. James has promised to continue the work of his predecessors, directed against the President, Trump and his administration.

However, according to some experts, Letitia James is not so perfect and firm to declare its principles. So, Waford, the main competitor of the human rights activist, has repeatedly questioned its independence from the Governor Cuomo, who supported her and other leading Democrats throughout the election campaign. (By the way, Cuomo was reelected).

And during a debate last week, James gave an ambiguous answer about the death penalty, when asked about Robert Bauer, zastrelyus 11 people in Pittsburgh synagogue. «I oppose the death penalty, but in such situations it is difficult to resist the death penalty,» said James.

Letitia James on immigration: «We need to say it loud and we need to say it clear that immigrants are definitely welcomed here.» She says «we also need to use all of our tools and resources» to represent the interest of immigrants. pic.twitter.com/qOKGgZwHvl

— Spectrum NY1 News (@NY1) August 30, 2018

Despite the loss and the desire to become the first attorney General of African-American, Wofford said that he was proud of the election of James.

«It will be good for the state, said Sanford. — I think it will be good for [the strengthening of] the confidence of a significant part of the population, which sometimes there is no trust in the justice system. I think [the election of Letitia James] — this is a chance to achieve progress in some questions that didn’t have the right answer.»