Maria Butina, which the United States is considered a foreign agent is close to a deal with the investigation

Lawyers Maria Butunoi intend soon to make a deal with the investigation.

Details of the agreement were not disclosed and now the parties are discussing the final version of the agreement. This was announced by the journalists of Bloomberg, thanks to the document, which is filed in Federal court in Washington.

According to available information, Butinai lawyers asked to postpone the deadline for the hearing to develop a «final agreement». This wording suggests that the woman is ready to cooperate with American law enforcement and chose to go towards the US authorities. According to experts, Butina will be forced to reveal the truth about their activities, in exchange for the opportunity to leave the United States.

Earlier, the lawyers of the Russians said that the contents of the defendant in solitary confinement is unjustified and adversely affects her mental health. According to lawyers, if a woman will continue to limit contact with people, she’ll need to undergo treatment from specialists from the field of psychology.

We will remind that the citizen of the Russian Federation Maria Butina detained July 15. She was accused of illegal work of foreign agent. US intelligence services believe that she was trying to secretly lobby for the interests of the Russian authorities, influencing senior members of the Republican party.


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