The Democrats, led by Billy Sanders introduced that will make prescription drugs much cheaper

Senator Bernie Sanders and several of his fellow Democrats on Thursday, January 10, unveiled three bill designed to significantly reduce the costs of Americans on medications prescription. The General idea of the proposed bills is that Americans do not have to pay more for necessary medicationsthan consumers in other developed countries.

«The people of our country to pay, not even approximately, the world’s highest prices for drugs they need a prescription — Sanders said at a press conference. — It has to end, and legislation, which we support, will do just that.»

To Sanders at the press conference was joined by Senator Cory Booker, who strongly opposed the «outrageous and unnecessarily high cost of prescription drugs«. And Booker and Sanders are potential presidential candidates in 2020

All these plans aimed against the pharmaceutical industry and have virtually no chance to pass through Congress, especially when Republicans control the Senate. But supporters of the bills have stated that they hope that President Donald trump will be on their side in light of the fact that he spoke out against the pharmaceutical companies and offered in the spring of 2018 plan to reduce drug prices.

On account of the fact that his plan works, Donald trump spoke today in his Twitter:

Drug prices declined in 2018, the first time in nearly half a century. During the first 19 months of my Administration, Americans saved $26 Billion on prescription drugs. Our policies to get cheaper generic drugs to market are working!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 11, 2019

«Drug prices have declined in 2018, for the first time in almost 50 years. During the first 19 months of my administration, Americans saved on prescription drugs, $26 billion is Our policy to release to the market of cheaper generics works!»

But a new plan to lawmakers, Democrats goes even further claimed the President’s initiative. So, the first bill will be allowed to import cheaper drugs from Canada, the second — will allow Medicare to directly negotiate prices with drug manufacturers and third — to deprive the monopoly of the pharmaceutical companies whose drug prices are above the average price in developed countries (Canada, UK, Germany, France and Japan).

«Today I say to President Trump: if you’re serious about reducing the cost of prescription drugs in this country, support our legislation and invite my Republican colleagues to join,» said Sanders.