Trump spent $50 thousand on the Golf simulator the size of a room in the White house

President Donald trump has installed in the White house Golf simulator the size of a room for $50 million, reports The Washington Post.

Trump spent $50 thousand on the Golf simulator the size of a room in the White houseThe trump during the visit of Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe

The publication notes that trump paid for the simulator and its installation from your pocket. But the Post added that the new system came to replace the outdated simulator, which was installed under President Barack Obama. The simulator was installed in a private office of the President.

But the media attention attracted not the simulator, but rather the statements of former trump this. As a businessman, he has repeatedly criticized Obama for what he played a lot of Golf, and promised that he will not have time for sports, if he is elected.

«President Obama is not busy talking to Congress about Syria… he plays Golf… so much to,» wrote trump in 2013. And then in 2014: «Obama admitted that he spends his morning watching ESPN. Then he plays Golf, collects funds and provides Amnesty to illegal immigrants».

According to the source Post, trump has not used a simulator and no plans to use it for their working day. Note that prior to his election, trump claimed that, as President, he does not play Golf.

«Because I’m going to work for you, I won’t have time to play Golf. Believe me. Trust me, guys,» he said in August 2016.

According to CNN, since the oath trump, who owns over a dozen Golf courses in the United States and abroad, 168 visits to his Golf club. According to the estimates of Philip Bampa from The Washington Post, the President played Golf every 5.4 day.