School Trump. Mark Donald at the military Academy hidden

Last week at the hearing the testimony of Michael Cowen, among other things, from his mouth sounded the recognition of the fact that he took measures to conceal the real level of achievement of Donald trump in the years of study of the future President in high school.

Young Donald Trump. More pics:

— History Lovers Club (@historylvrsclub) February 12, 2019

Trump loves with pride that has always been a great student in school (military College). However, it may not be so. «He ordered me to threaten his high school, his College and the College Board never to release his grades or SAT scores,» said Cohen, speaking before the oversight Committee of Congress.

Evan Jones, who headed the new York military Academy in the years when the school she’d taught Donald trump, confessed today the Washington Post that the school leader «came to me in a panic because he was addressed to a prominent, wealthy alumni who were friends of Mr. trump wanted to keep his academic records secret.»

Superintendent, Jeffrey Coverdale, also confirmed the information of Cowen, stating that the Board of Trustees initially wanted, so he gave them documents trump, to hide from prying journalists, but Coverdale declined and took them «to another place on campus where they could collect».

However, the evaluations themselves trump never showed, only saying that they were «so-so». So school performance of the incumbent President remains the same mystery, like his predecessor Obama.