Veto Trump. How does it work?

Donald trump has already announced his intention to veto today’s decision of the Senate repealing his state of emergency, which should provide funds for the construction of the Wall on the southern border. To this day, trump was one of the few presidents who during three years in power has still not used his veto power even once.

Veto Trump. How does it work?

The ability of the White house to overcome the decision of the lawmakers reviewed the CBS.

Veto suspensive or absolute?

Article I of the Constitution provides authority for the President to reject a law passed by Congress in two ways: the «suspensive veto» and «absolute or pocket veto». The suspensory veto is when the President rejects a bill by sending it back to Congress without his signature. Congress can then attempt to override the veto, which requires two-thirds votes in the house and Senate. If a second vote is successful, the legislation becomes law against the objections of the President. A second vote must take place no later than 10 days after the President’s veto.

Absolute or pocket veto is when the President simply does not sign the bill nor return it to Congress, that is, it does not become law. This is possible if before the end of the current session of Congress in less than 10 days. In accordance with rule discontinuity, legislators do not have the right to transfer the consideration of bills unfinished for the next two-year session. Then the next session they should take the paper again, having through all stages of discussion and voting. And then hope that the President will approve the revised bill or what the next veto will be able to overcome.

Can Congress and the Senate to overcome a presidential veto?

As already mentioned, to overcome the veto required a two-thirds majority in the Senate and in Congress. This requires a truly high political consolidation against the President. Theoretically and legally possible. But really?

Congress cancels presidential veto is rare. History of the United States remembers while only 111 of these cases, but presidents vetoed 2 574 times. Veto used in the American policy actions that evidence the development of the political culture and ability to negotiate without going to a standstill. A precursor to the trump — Obama has used the veto only 10 times. The absolute champion in a kind of competition — Franklin Roosevelt, nakladyvaya to veto the decisions of legislators 635 times. Grover Cleveland vetoed 584 times. More than a hundred veto — a normal figure for the presidents of the time. And now, for example, Ronald Reagan took advantage of this opportunity only in 78 cases during the two terms of his presidency.

So if the impossible 2/3 against trump?

Previously it was assumed that in the case of overlapping trump a veto, the Congress and the Senate will not be able to overcome it, as 2/3 of the votes for the opponents trump seemed unattainable. However, today’s vote in the Senate, when 12 Republicans took the side of the Democrats, many experts have shaken confidence in the invincibility of the veto. It is noted that for the document, canceling an Emergency Declaration trump on the financing of the construction of the Wall, were willing to vote for other Republicans. The number of red votes against trump today could be more. And only the strong intervention of the White house, active persuasion of senators and personal meetings has led many to reconsider.

Could the question of construction of the Wall, and more — immigration policies of the current White house administration is so to combine the various political forces and to generate the absolute antaran-majority in both houses, remains anyone’s guess.