«Black Press Only!»: In Georgia, for political meetings were allowed only African Americans

In the Savannah (state Georgia) on Wednesday in the Baptist Church on Bolton street, a meeting was held of the African-American community, where with the participation of candidates in mayors of van Johnson and Louise Wilson discussed the position in the election. I arrived at the meeting the journalists were caught off guard by hanging on the entrance of the Church signs «Black Press Only!» («Only for the African-American press»).

Only blacks allowed to cover the event feat. candidates for Savannah’s mayor. “Black press only” declared the sign on the doors. One candidate defended appearance: «It’s not my meeting. I was asked to come & give a statement, so I came & I gave a statement.” https://t.co/SY1Fi93y9u

— Andy Ngo (@MrAndyNgo) March 28, 2019

Savannah Morning News reports that its workers were not allowed into the meeting, while inside were several reporters of African Americans. Reverend Clarence Teddy Williams, who organized the meeting, declined to discuss the policy of the admission of the press to the meeting. Van Johnson, a member of the city Council of Savannah, one of three African-American mayoral candidates, said: «This is not my meeting. I was asked to make a statement, so I came.»

The mayoral election will be held in Savannah on November 5. Now controls the city Eddie De loach — the first mayor in 20 years who is not African American. Elections of the mayor of Savannah are non-partisan, which means that all candidates selected will participate in the vote in November.