President Donald trump may appoint a special immigration adviser to coordinate Federal agencies

President Donald trump is considering the appointment of an immigration adviser to monitor the implementation of its immigration programs.

This was reported by two sources Associated Press and a representative of the administration confirmed to CBS News.

According to insiders, the main contenders for the post are former Secretary of state of Kansas Chris Kobach and former attorney General of Virginia Ken Cuccinelli. Both officials — the right-wing conservatives who support the President’s views on immigration. Aides hope that the potential appointment, which, as they warn, is still at the planning stage, will serve as the «face» of the administration on immigration and soothe both the President and his supporters, showing that he is serious and takes action.

Recently, the President came down on the government of Mexico and all Central America, criticizing them for what they have not stopped the flow of migrant families who move to the United States. The American leader even threatened to completely close the southern border, according to the US chamber of Commerce, will cause «serious economic damage».

«Mexico needs to use their strengthened immigration laws to stop a few thousand people trying to enter the United States. Our areas of detention have been exhausted and we will no longer accept illegals. The next step is to close the border! It will also help us stop the flow of drugs from Mexico! «Trump tweeted on March 30.

According to the Associated Press, the representative of the Ministry of internal security said that the immigration advisers appointed by the White house before, when there was «an urgent need» to sustainable interagency coordination. Although the national security Service often plays a leading role in immigration policies, the Department is not responsible for officials in the departments for health, defence and justice, which often play a key role.